The Resignators


7:00 pmFriday, 5 November 2021


Hotel Westwood

28 Napier Street Footscray

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The Resignators, from Victoria, Australia, are a seven headed brash and boisterous ska punk monster, featuring blistering guitar, thumping bass, melodious keyboards, driving drums and a military like horn section, ready to attack, putting a bomb under the relatively easy, feel-good vibes that are often spun in the genre, with their punk-inflected ska.

If anything, they show a more balanced blending of the two genres without becoming too much of one or the other. The Resignators’ take on ska is heavy and they tend toward raucous rock with something of a ska twist, but most of all they make you dance!

Think Australia’s The Cat Empire mixed with the UK’s The Clash on a warm summers afternoon on an Australian beach sipping large margaritas, palm trees swaying on the breeze and the sweet sound of rock’n’roll blasting from the car stereo, girls dancing on the sand, that’s The Resignators

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    Hotel Westwood

    28 Napier Street Footscray