The R.A.P Party


7:00 pmSunday, 2 December 2018



7-11 Dawson St, Brunswick

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Inua Ellams R.A.P Party hits Melbourne… featuring Rappers, Poets, Writers and Artists from across the Arts and Hip Hop.

It's a debate that has raged for years and rages still; whether or not Rap is Poetry or Poetry, Rap. We ain't concerned with this, we respect, cherish and are fans of both word-art-forms. We wish to share and showcase them at their meeting... Music. This is what the R.A.P Party is about. It is neither club night nor poetry reading, rave nor literary event. It feels like a lowkey house party where a few errant guests make beautiful speeches about why the Dj's selection is the shit.

It's what it is.

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