The Mile High Club - Led by Pat Thiele


9:30 pmSaturday, 11 March 2023


Paris Cat

6 Goldie Place Melbourne

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The Mile High Club soars on the wings of trad jazz icons, refines their influence and delivers music through a refreshed lens.

Comprising a group of talented and regarded jazz musicians, led by Pat Thiele (trumpet), this outfit offers up spirited and dynamic repertoire.

Bold sounds meet proficient musicianship, as the individual talents of these artists come together in building a fun and vibrant live energy. Weaving threads of Louis Prima, early Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and Thelonious Monk, in with a charismatic group dynamic and presence, The Mile High Club make their Paris Cat debut in 2023.

Pat Thiele - Trumpet
Tim Stocker - Saxes
Chris Vizard - Trombone
Aynsley Green - Piano
Barney Loveland - Bass
Hugh Harvey - Drums

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