The Jazz Alchemists


7:00 pmWednesday, 10 July


Bird's Basement

11 Singers Ln, Melbourne

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The Jazz Alchemists at Bird's Basement –

The Jazz Alchemists excel at transforming simple musical sketches into spontaneous and innovative performances, demonstrating their artistry in real-time improvisation. Each show is a unique adventure, captivating audiences with its unpredictability and leaving them with a profound and enduring impact long after the music has stopped.

Albare: ARIA and Latin Grammy Nominee, guitarist with a smooth style that traverses jazz, blues, and world music, renowned for his emotional and evocative performances.

Mat Jodrell: Virtuoso trumpeter and skilled pianist known for his remarkable versatility, captivating audiences worldwide with his dual instrumental prowess.

Phil Rex: Exceptionally gifted bassist whose deep and resonant grooves form the foundation for the band's transcendent musical journeys.

Andrew Swann: Fusion-style drummer with roots in swamp music and R&B, celebrated globally and nominated for a 2006 USA Independent Music Awards.

Salva Persico**: Extraordinary percussionist who adds unique color and texture to the rhythm section, enhancing the ensemble's overall sound.

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