The Handle Bars, Dela Caye, The Bittermen, David Chebair


7:30 pmSaturday, 15 December 2018


Bar Open

317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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David Chebair: 
A singer songwriter/producer originally from Colombia.
He will be playing a set based on Caribbean loops, latin sounds and sticky tunes full of guitar riffs and melodic solos. 
David has played with renowned bands in his original country as well as produced for a bunch of projects.
Find some of his music here

Stay tuned because he is releasing a new song on the 4th of December in all digital platforms and give him some love on his social media here:

The Bittermen:
The Bittermen play Psychedelic Reggae-Dub inspired Indie Rock. Influenced by the likes of Fat Freddy's Drop, Sublime and Bedouin Soundclash.
St Kilda based band The Bittermen formed in late 2016 on the idea to fund ski and surf trips with reggae-dub inspired indie sounds. Each show was better than the last and the band developed a following in ski resorts and surf towns of Victoria and Tasmania. The boys have recently recorded their debut single Suitcase which has been released in early October. Summer holds more shows and a tour of Japanese ski towns. 

Dela Caye:
8 piece Melbourne cumbia collective Dela Cåye’s distinctive sound blends ska, rock, reggae, chicha, clave, quarteto and more to help push boundaries and break the stereotypes of where contemporary latin music can go. Joining the global movement of new cumbia fusions and building on the styles of the past. 
Dela Cåye was born in 2011 when brothers Leo and Javier Rodriguez arrived in Melbourne and met Titian Scheffer who had recently arrived back himself. The three brought their ideas, a few milk crates, two old guitars and a cajon together to unleash their firey cumbia on the world. 
They recruited some of the best talents around in the Melbourne alt Latin scene and have been making audiences dance till they drop ever since.
With members from, Colombia, Chile, England, Argentina, Australia all eight musicians input their humor, passion and influences to create this new, energetic and experimental sound.

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