The Groove Bandits


7:00 pmSaturday, 2 April 2022


Hotel Westwood

28 Napier Street Footscray

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Here’s “Tommy Vercetti… Huh! Shit, didn’t think they’d ever let him out!”

Well… they did; and the band with the biggest cojones around, THE GROOVE BANDITS, have come together to milk your nostalgia with their latest show, GRAND THEFT AUDIO: SONGS FROM VICE CITY.

Get your tickets to the Malibu Club (or for all intents and purposes, HOTEL WESTWOOD), put on your ugliest eighties outfit, and come dance like Lance Vance as we bust out two sets of the best bangers from the video game we all loved growing up, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the release of GTA: Vice City.

We promise to put on a 6-star show and give you a good reason to get WASTED! So hop in the best car you can find and be there on time so you don’t fail the mission; because as Fernando Martinez says, “Maybe you meet a pretty lady who isn’t interested in a long-term relationship, but is only interested in the passion of life. Maybe even right outside in the parking lot.”

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    Hotel Westwood

    28 Napier Street Footscray