The Four Scoops, The Eyeballers, Freud and the Family Solution + Bland + The Sun Is A Deadly Laser


7:00 pmFriday, 24 June


Bar Open

317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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The Four Scoops are a combination of four unique working musicians from differing musical heritages bound by a love of back-beat groove.

The groups musical heritage harks back to a time of melting musical styles as Jazz met early Rock n Roll. Their repertoire is wide and varied from Blues shouters Winonie Harris to Jazz back beat legend Louis Jordan to Fifties crooners to Bolero versions of Cold Chisel and Dragon hits. The Four Scoops love of variety in tunes and grooves has its basis in the diversity of the members.

The Eyeballers music stems from a rock n roll groove that is sometimes reminiscent of a road raging eyebaler barrelling down the highway. They're lucky enough to be joined by the cattle rustling 'Freud and the Family Solution', 'Bland', and 'The Sun Is A Deadly Laser' for their single launch off an upcoming album.

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