2:30 pm-5:30 pmSaturday, 20 November 2021


Retreat Hotel

280 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

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Van Walker's move from Melbourne to Geelong in 2018 was a much-needed sea-change and another page in the ongoing adventure with him teaming up to play with local musicians The Ferriters. Named after the Irish folk hero and one of the last of the Gaelic Warriors, Pierce Ferriter, (see song: The King of the Irish Rebels) the band wowed crowds locally and became popular among Irish and non-Irish festivals alike, winning over audiences with their mix of Aussie and Irish music, old and new. Add to that the ageless song-writing of Van Walker, and we have a unique modern take on an ancient rhythm and lyricism, proving the power of story-telling and music span the ages and bring people together beyond past and present cultures and milieu.

Hitting The Retreat bandroom on Saturday November 20th with two packed sets from 2:30pm.

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