The Feelies, Romero


5:00 pmSaturday, 13 March 2021


Edinburgh Castle Hotel

681 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

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Wry indie rock from Melbourne with ambling guitars and perfectly calibrated, wonderfully aloof lyrics. ‘College rock for the new age’ Here cramped and jangled The Feelies style guitar riffs, concede rather than fight for attention, to battered bass lines and musical dawdlings that could be considered totally vacuous, if it were not for the sheer brilliance of ‘the whole’.


Romero’s riffs might be front and centre and turned up loud, but there’s no hiding their heavy-hearted pop hooks. Frontwoman Alanna Oliver possesses a voice that’s rich and subtly theatrical, adding an air of class and urgency to the soulful walls of sound that have already scored Romero a hefty slice of attention, despite only having shared three songs so far.

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