The Fainters // Four In The Morning // Anne Simmons


7:00 pm-10:30 pmThursday, 19 December 2019


Yarra Hotel (Abbotsford)

295 Johnston Street, Abbotsford

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We did it! We survived the slings and arrows of another calendar year. Come celebrate the start of summertime with a Front Bar gig at The Yarra with some of your favourite local bands. It's free entry so you can pocket more money for meals and drinks!
Soulful rock n-roller Anne Simmons is playing some new tunes, Four In The Morning will be fresh off their 'safe happy scared' Ep launch and The Fainters will be dusting off old favourites and exploring some new sonic frontiers.
Yes it's a thursday but is anyone really going to get much work done on the last Friday before christmas? Start your holidays one day early! Bring a friend, some eggnog and let's set a strong precedent for 2020.

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