The Dunes - album launch, Buried Feather, The Baudelaires, Naughty Guys


7:00 pmSaturday, 17 November 2018


Grace Darling Hotel

114 Smith St, Collingwood

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THE DUNES have quickly gained a reputation in Adelaide as the town's leading psych-drone-fuzz band, incorporating haunting guitar lines with reverb-drenched vocals, fuzzed out bass and 60s inspired keys and synth.

Three of YKM’s finest Individual artists putting the ‘FUN’ back in FUNK. Members of the band (Nuru Indi, Prince Love and Manny Müla) each bring a different quality of sound and creativity in their own artistry. Nuru Indi being the engine of the band, constructing some of the best production and working hand in hand with Prince Love; known for being multi-talented and self taught in a range of different instruments and last but not least; Manny Müla’s genius lyrics and diverse flow which will certainly not go unnoticed.
The ‘Naughty Guys’ sound resembles the vibe of 90’s to 2000’s R&B, 80s Funk and the latest Hip Hop/Alternative Jazz vibes.

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