The Collaborators (Ex-TISM) with Special Guests


8:30 pm-11:30 pmSaturday, 11 December 2021


Northcote Social Club

301 High Street, Northcote

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Jack Holt, personal manager to Jock Cheese, a founding member of mythical Melbourne institution TISM, is joined by Matt Jeffrey in The Collaborators for a special evening celebrating nothing in particular. Why do bands always have to be celebrating something? Can’t they just get together and blast out a shipload of noise and give the audience a freaking great evening? Anyway… there will be new tunes, songs from The Collaborators top notch CD, and fellow former TISM member Leak Van Vlalen’s next door neighbour Sean Kelly will be joining the band to crank the guitar up on choice early TISM material such as 'John Bonham's Coke Roadie', 'I Drive A Truck', 'Vote For Boat' and other TISM bangers.

Special guest vocalist for the evening will be Melbourne legend, Fred Negro.

This re-emergence of the reclusive one ties in with the recent re-releases of TISM's catalogue and earliest material. Oh this will be a fun night!

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