The Chris Commerford Band, Dj Crispi


6:00 pmFriday, 14 May 2021


Edinburgh Castle Hotel

681 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

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The Chris Commerford Band are an established blues-rock five-piece, formed by the glittering Australian coast of the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Assembled by the band’s namesake singer-songwriter, Chris Commerford, the refreshing outfit is captivating music fans with their bright and heartening fusion of blues, rock and soul.

Chris has taken the arrangements of the full 5 piece and condensed his show into a one-man band rebuilding the songs with percussion and looping creating dynamic layers and crafty representations of the bands recorded works.


DJ Crispi is a dj for all occasions, playing upbeat music from the 50s to now and covering genres from funk and soul to rock and pop and everything in between. Using his experience as a dj on PBS FM, he knows how to play the right music to suit the right mood. Whether it's background music while dinner is served or party music for dancing, DJ Crispi is the ideal dj for the weekend!

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