The Cherry Reds and Rose Turtle Ertler & Madeline Hudson (arvo) Sleazy Hormigas + Munkus Funkus + Tangerine Drive (evening)


2:30 pmSaturday, 16 July 2022


Bar 303

303 High St, Northcote

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Come and join us for an afternoon of great company and music!

Book through ticket link or pay at the door
REALLY Passionate Supporter! $20 plus


Join Sleazy Hormigas, Munkus Funkus and friends Tangerine Drive at Bar 303 ~ an eclectic mix of instrumental goodness and FUN !

Tix $15 @ the door • Doors @ 8pm.

Sleazy Hormigas
3 piece instrumental band drawing influence from the whole funk spectrum, the result being a well fuzed set of original songs they are keen to flick off!

Munkus Funkus
Founded on experimentation and groove, 6 piece instrumental outfit creating unique jazz-funk.

Tangerine Drive
(mostly) indie-rock style traverses many different moody catchments from upbeat tunes, to mellow ballads. You'll never know what they'll be playing next and neither do they.

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