THE BELTERS, Voidhood, Lauren Stuart & the La La Las [UPSTAIRS] Pelican Villa, Red Moon, Circadian Rhythms, Melbourne Dance Music Academy [BANDROOM]


6:00 pmSaturday, 13 April 2019



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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Time for a jive! This one is just as much for those of you who braved it out during your midweek schedules to see us play at The Ev and The Tote, as it is for those of you that thought, fuck that. It's our first weekend gig for a while and our way of saying sorry for all the midweek shindigs. It's also our last gig before we record our single.

We are buzzing to be joined on stage, once again by Voidhood and Lauren Stewart & The La La Las.

But this is a party amongst friends, fans and contemporaries. So the night will be long and handsome. Our very own Dèactivated Almond and George Briggs will be caressing the decks into the wee hours, and I reckon Richard Alexander Barnes will be hankering for a go too.


As we conclude our place of heaven on earth we would like to take a moment to wish this Summer our blessings as it departs us for another year. Without it we wouldn't have been able to create the electric memories we have inside caves, beach side locations and inner city hidden forests.

It truly has been a summer series to remember and as we wave goodbye to the Garden for another year, we thought we would bring it back to the surface from the underground and channel the momentum we've built up on to that sumptuous open air dancefloor.

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