7:30 pmThursday, 6 December 2018


Caravan Music Club

89-91 Archies Creek Rd,  
Archies Creek , VIC 3995,

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Zimbabwean born, Melbourne based soul singer THANDO returns with new single 'Happy', a track which hypnotises and constricts as effortlessly as a cobra seducing its prey. With sleek production care of Tentendo, Thando's new single 'Happy', sees the songstress adeptly meld soul and hip-hop elements, smoothing the biting message of her new song with her quintessential, honied vocals. When the heady smoke clears, Thando's 'Happy' message is clear: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

In her own words, Thando explains ‘Happy’ as “a letter to my conscious self from the perspective of my anxiety. From my perspective, my often forgotten villain sneaks up on me when I’m feeling my most content and consequentially risks relationships and opportunities for happiness. I personified and gave her a voice, so that I may attempt to better understand her and learn how to keep her at bay.

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