Terrible Signal, Zombitches, Face Face (Front Bar) Unsanitary Napkin, Ubik, Exhaust World, U-Bahn, (Upstairs) Nana Spam, Lalić, KT Spit, Activities of Daily Living (Bandroom)


6:30 pmThursday, 6 September 2018



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Unsanitary Napkin are furious anarchopunk from Aotearoa New Zealand (members of Rogernomix and Downer Buzz), vomiting political rage like a sped-up Rudimentary Peni with the joyful energy of Devo and the anti-patriarchal vitriol of Emma Goldman. Unsanitary Napkin are touring a brand new 7”, “Orgasmic Capitalism”.

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