Team Vom, Cranes Against Clouds, A Rioting Mind, PIXY STYX - UPSTAIRS Krul, Wicked City, The Dorks - FRONT BAR Earthless, ROT TV, Psychobabel - BANDROOM


7:00 pmSaturday, 9 March 2019



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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California psychedelic heavyweights Earthless return to Australia in February and March 2019. They’ll be touring on the back of their acclaimed 2018 studio album Black Heaven and their new live album From the West. Comprised of singer/guitarist Isaiah Mitchell, drummer Mario Rubalcaba (also of punk supergroup Off!) and bassist Mike Eginton, Earthless have previously toured down under four times; the last time in 2015.

Formed in 2001 in San Diego and citing Japanese psych bands like Blues Creation and Krautrock bands like Amon Düül II as early inspiration, the primarily instrumental trio has recently embraced Isaiah’s soulful vocals and heavy classic rock influences like Cream and Led Zeppelin. New direction or not, Earthless’s flamethrower approach remains – their music melts and burns and completely envelopes an audience. Old fans and new will not be disappointed when the band heads back down for their biggest Australian tour yet.


Come to The Tote (Upstairs) on Saturday the 9th of March and have heaps of fun watching cool bands! 

Team Vom, Cranes Against Clouds, A Rioting Mind and PIXY STYX will all try very hard to make you feel lots of feelings!

Don't start unbelieving, destiny can be achieved, ALWAYS FEEL FOREVER!

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