Tasha Zappala, WILDE


7:00 pmThursday, 20 June 2019


Wesley Anne

250 High Street, Northcote

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With a certain raspy-innocence to her vocals, Australian singer-songwriter Tasha Zappala unlocks a raw mixture of post-folk blues that synthesizes the atmosphere of a local coffee shop where the lighting is warm & the ambiance is nothing short of enticing. Her intense gypsy-folk melodies will at one moment materialize into dainty falsettos, and at the next into a throaty, growling chest tone. An edge and a gritty presence, Zappala weaves abstracted tales of foggy memories and days adrift.


WILDE serves dancy beats, catchy melodies and cake if you're lucky. A collaborative musical project combining the passion and creativity of multiple musicians from Melbourne's inner north, WILDE is a joined force made up of Jo Murgatroyd (vocals and percussion), Brandon Farrugia (bass), Laura Kirkwood (drum kit and percussion), and Jacob Rubens (electric guitar).

martelcorp is on the move.
After a year of fanning the flame of regularity, and getting things in order for next year's long-awaited singularity, they return to the stage for your pleasure, warmth, and friendship. Come hear the sounds; the soaring sounds. The transcendent, stationary, and deplorable sounds of martelcorp.

This performance will take place on land belonging to the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We would like to pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging.

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