Swooping Duck


7:00 pmWednesday, 5 June 2019


Geddes Lane Ballroom

2 Geddes Ln, Melbourne

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Swooping Duck is the natural result of a group of inspired musicians riding a wave of their own curiosity and hyper-creativity. Prolonged silence plays a small part (though an integral one) for the 2-time Grammy nominated rhythm section comprised of Simon Mavin (keyboards), Paul Bender (bass guitar), and Perrin Moss (drums, percussion).

When playing under the name Haitus Kaiyote, they are celebrated world-wide for their rare combination of technical wizardry and raw sonic force. In the between time, their Swooping Duck project draws us deeper into the headspace of the trio, where their search for sounds spark ideas that are built into entire worlds waiting to be explored within a moment's notice.

In the beginning 100% of the music was created on the spot, sometimes featuring guest vocalists who happened to be in the room on the night. Live on stage, the group can pre-empt feelings and respond in an instant, shaping the dark matter of an improvised session into a universe of possibilities; first shiny and open, then punk psychedelic. The only limit is their imagination on that particular gig and the ever present threat of things going to shit, but that's the beauty of it all: the ride and the risk.

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