Swim Team, A+, Go Get Mum, Baby Blue (solo)


7:00 pmSaturday, 1 December 2018


Grace Darling Hotel

114 Smith St, Collingwood

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Swim Team have gathered a bunch of bands to play a show together in the Grace Darling basement on Saturday December 1st. Expect jangly guitars, sweet pop harmonies and wry observations about life’s banalities. Well no guarantees, there could be some melancholy, heart break and self deprecation thrown in for good measure.

BABY BLUE (solo) - blending indie pop with 60s charm, Baby Blue writes songs that know when to sparkle and when to sizzle.

A+ music - top of the class when it comes to well executed pop songs, suitably swaddled in reverb. They’ll have you floating off into the ether before you know it.

Go Get Mum- interweaving guitars, lush tones and absolutely popping with dynamic. So much fun.

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