SuperEater, Prehistoric Douche, CAKEFIGHT (arvo) Shane & the Dog C#nts - Live Album Recording, Radspoon (evening)


2:00 pmSaturday, 20 July 2019


Last Chance Rock n Roll Bar

238 Victoria St Melbourne

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It’s happening!

Shane & the Dog Cunts will be recording their debut album Live at the Last Chance on Saturday July 20th.

Direct from the mean streets of Wagga Wagga the Dog Cunts are a mythical onslaught of bogan punk rock that reeks of the dystopian world of bucket bongs, cheap meth from broken lightbulbs and toilet rolls, midnight Maccas runs, lappin’ the main street & a complete lack of education.

If you haven’t experienced the Dog Cunts you haven’t experienced life.

Joining them on the night will be Radspoon, Melbourne’s Premier Phil Jamieson Tribute, as well as a couple of others yet to be announced.

Entry is free.

The party is loose.

Come get a Dog Cunt up ya!

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