Sunbeam Sound Machine (bandroom) (arvo) The Owen Guns with Forklift Assassins, Quaid, Udder Ubductees and Scarn On (upstairs) (evening)


6:00 pmSaturday, 12 November 2022



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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Across his career, Sunbeam Sound Machine - the project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Nick Sowersby - has evolved a unique sonic landscape that has been lauded for its blend of beauty and melancholy, and its embrace of expansive arrangements and ideas.

Since debut album Wonderer served to introduce to the project back in 2014, Sunbeam Sound Machine has resonated with audiences in Australia and abroad.

Wonderer and sophomore effort Goodness Gracious saw Sunbeam Sound Machine emerge and become established as an artist who fans could turn to for music that could soothe as much as it could hypnotise. 

And with third album Possum, Sunbeam Sound Machine takes the intimacy of his previous work and brings it into a bright new space.

Recorded between the Australian bushfire tragedies and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sowersby’s songwriting lent itself to exploring themes where optimism and hope were never far from featuring, in amongst ideas of growth and change. Built around a core idea of fear vs love, Possum is Sunbeam Sound Machine’s journey of navigating the beauty and complexities of both.


The Owen Guns, punk rock reprobates from NSW, head south of the border for the first time in support of their new album Dawn of the Braindead. Armed with a fistful of budget punk riffs, a low brow sense of humour and a shitlist a mile long, they'll take you on an emtional roller coaster. You'll laugh, you'll cry...but you can't have your money back!!! This is the band your mother should have warned you about but she didn't because she doesn't love you. Who knows if or when The Owen Guns will make it back to Victoria - Don't miss it.
Joined on the night by the far better looking Forklift Assassins, Quaid, Udder Ubductees and Scarn On. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

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