Sun Traitors, Pixie Riot, Edit the Empire (arvo) Strugs to Funk, The Refugees, Dërty Bërd (evening)


3:00 pmSunday, 15 September 2019


Whole Lotta Love

524 Lygon Street East Brunswick

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SUN TRAITORS play Whole Lotta Love in Brunny East with support from Pixie Riot and Edit the Empire.

Doors @ 3pm

Set Times:

16:30 - Pixie Riot
15:30 - Edit the Empire


Dërty Bërd are a 5 piece reggae/dub syndicate from Melbourne, comprised of lead vocals (Brenna Edsell), Saxophone (Alex Ristovski), Bass (Rhys Cogley), Lead/Rhythm guitar (david Thomas) and Drums (Rob Saad). Borrowing elements from pop, rock, funk, soul and jazz and mesh them, in the hopes of attaining a sound akin to a love-child of Fat Freddy’s Drop, Prince Fatty and Jorja Smith.

The Refugees started off as a group of 4 boys and a girl wanting a genuine 'jam' (musical collaboration) this group flourished into something more.
Tee & the Refugees who consist of a full band, (drummer, keyboard player, bass, guitar and vocals) having years of musical experience through gospel styled church, have learnt to be flexible, unafraid to step out and try different things.
They refuse to be kept in a nut shell of one particular sound of music and have proven to excel in Soul, RnB, Rap&Hiphop, Funk and Poly raggae.
With Tee's crazy antics on stage, vocal abillity along with her and the backing vocals stage presence, this local band is one to look out for and are sure to turn heads with their fresh sound and creativity.

‘Strugs to Funk’ are an emerging acoustic duo from Melbourne’s north. A concoction of sweet pop-jazz, electrifying funk-blues and sometimes frightening indie-folk. David Thomas lays the foundation with his relatable but somehow still exclusive guitar work and Brenna Edsell solves mysteries and climbs emotional mountains with her whimsical, dulcet melodies.

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