Subprimes + Shayan


7:30 pmWednesday, 8 March


Bar 303

303 High St, Northcote

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8pm Shayan

Omid Shayhan- Holly Moore woodwinds

Anita Quayle cello

Kostas Hagi bass

Ronny Ferella drums

9pm Subprimes

Julien Wilson saxs

Reuben Lewis trumpet

Fran Swinn guitar

Joseph Franklin bass

Ronny Ferella drums

The New Babel Project is coming to Bar 303. Every Wednesday in March I and a host of other fine folk will be presenting new music and some new ensembles all inextricably linked to this idea of the New Babel. Over the month you will get hear: Ronny Ferella-Lewis Pierre-Humbert drums/sampler-Shaun Rammers-Flora Carbo-Cheryl Durongpisitikul-Julien Wilson-Omid Shayhan-Holly Moore Woodwinds- Emily Bennett-Harriet Allcroft vocals-Rueben Lewis-Ellie Lamb brass Michael Meagher-Isaac Gunnoo-Stephen Hornby-Joseph Franklin-Kosta Hagi bass-Anita Quayle cello-Fran Swinn guitar

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