Stuart McCowan Trio - Album Launch/Farewell (arvo) Molly and the Prohibition (evening)


5:30 pmSaturday, 28 November 2020


Jazz Lab

27 Leslie St, Brunswick VIC 3056

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Stuart McCowan Trio (SMT) is Stuart McCowan (piano), Miles Henry (Drums), and Jonah Grant (bass). The high-energy band returns to the Jazzlab after its covid-hiatus to celebrate the launch of The Perfect Nemesis and bid farewell to McCowan, who is moving to Japan in January 2021. Join them as they power their way through familiar SMT classics from the pre-covid era, imbued with the new grumpy fervour of 2020 musician life. 

Molly and the Prohibition is the creative friendship Between John McAll and Molly Georgia.

In this incarnation Molly and John take on the backbeat and raw power of Bessie Smith and her wild legacy and reimagine some of her barrelhouse world.

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