Space Visitation (solo), Nasal Spray, Electric Toothbrush [Front Bar] Kuru Luma, Yeah, Bad? Scares, OceanLord [Upstairs] Anthroposcene, Zingo Thing, Mighty Big Miso [band room ]


8:00 pmWednesday, 29 January 2020



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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KURU LUMA - A Melbourne band whose sound is heavily influenced by progressive rock, grunge, and hard rock, while still maintaining a unique and exciting style of their own. Each song is different from the last, while still retaining a sense of home and security with every note, melody and beat. With their debut EP "The Light Of Madness" just on the horizon, they are very excited to showcase the goods alongside some killer local acts.

Yeah Bad - Forming in 2017, Yeah, Bad? combines elements of post-rock, math-rock and progressive to create a vibrant and exhilarating sound that pushes the boundaries of instrumental rock!

Scares - Eclectic Psychedelia from Melbourne, Australia.


Some music will be happening, which will be really cool. Come to the downstairs band room at The Tote to see and hear it happening. This music will range from sad and quiet to sad and sorta medium volume. It will be played on an instrument mostly, or be done out of the mouth.

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