Space Visitation (solo), Jim Guida, Carpet Burn [Front Bar] Sunset Blush, Duxie Franklin & Holly Arabella [Band Room] Icthyophile, A Rat, Gus [Upstairs]


8:30 pmWednesday, 8 January 2020



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Sunset Blush will be kicking off his PURPLESLAM TOUR for his new releases Homies on Parade and The Midnight Singles out now on Spotify. Delivering the Purpleslam for your ears and soul. Like he has been gigging locally and nationally for years.Will be teaming up with the lovely and talented ladies of music greatness Duxie Franklin and Holly Arabella. Come down have some drinks and get some great live music in you! You know you wanna.


Fish lovers: Icthyophile have re-emerged from their drowned city and are steering their bathypelagic chaos straight into the new decade! Influenced by the likes of Taipan Tiger Girls, Neu! and John Cage, Icthyophile use radios, guitar, synth and drums to create extended improvisational pieces. Close your eyes and let the noise wash over you.

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