Space Boys, Bad Taste, S.P, Tekwani


7:00 pmThursday, 11 July 2019


Bar Open

317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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Tekwani is the project of musician/artist Diego Villalta, a collision of hip hop, Latin, jazz and cinematic-western music. Fuelled by the spiritual and artistic vitality of Melbourne/Naarm.

The music features a unique guitar from Cuba called a Tres as well as horns, synths and fat beats. The fire that sets it all off are the hard Spanish rhymes of international rapper Clandestino. Band members have toured countless festivals and shows all over the world, from Glastonbury to Woodford, South America to South Australia, in bands such as Vance Joy, Amaru Tribe, Saskwatch, Pataphysics, Good Luck Omen and many more.

Tekwani is a fresh sound, from an electric city, in hectic times.


I heard they all work at the same Pizza shop or something - reckon they'll bring some?

Bad Taste
These guys played with Scab Baby earlier in the year and it was one of the funnest weeknights out I had this year. Expect to rock.

Stoner Rock to blow off ya socks.

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