Southbound Snake Charmers w/ Noonday Axeman + Maxine (Foggy Notion)


7:00 pmFriday, 5 August 2022


Bar Open

317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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Raw rockin’ riffs with lashings of stoner vibes and psychedelic fuzz?… Check! Welcome to The Southbound Snake Charmers. This dynamic four piece have been conjuring up their own unique brand of swampy blues since 2013. Led by the original Snake Charmer himself: vocalist and charismatic frontman Chris Denman, Brooke Maloney is on Drums, Nat Sutphin is on Bass and Gary Ritchie is on guitar and backing vocal duties.

With their home in Melbourne, Australia but their souls lurking in the Deep South, The Southbound Snake Charmers weave tales of hoodoo folklore, hard luck, harder liquor and the seedy underground. Drawing on influences like Cream, Johnny Winter, Creedence Clear Water Revival & Jimi Hendrix, the band create a fresh approach to the genre. Capturing a distinctively familiar retro atmosphere, they craft their own sound characterised by sun drenched 60s guitar tones, raw emotive vocals and a driving rhythm section combined with a heavier edge.

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