Soup People, Sydney Miller, Insectoid Witch


7:30 pm-10:30 pmThursday, 27 January 2022


Workers Club

51 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

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This Thursday night, see Melbourne’s most ambitious soup-related band ascend to the stage for an onslaught of auditory ecstasy.

Starring SOUP GOD, SOUP DEMON, SOUP WIZARD, CHASE MCSOUP, and a slew of talented featuring artists, this is not going to be an evening you want to miss.

Soup People started one gloomy night in the wombat state forest with Melbourne’s first lockdown looming. As their time at home lengthened, soup people found their stride and created the first trilogy of soup related tracks.

Come 2021, the soup spoiled, and Soup People were splintered across nations. But with a spoon in their step and hot water on their heels, Soup People invented bowls and overcame the challenges of international collaboration, releasing their first full-length LP.

After an extra spooky Halloween special, Soup People are approaching the stage for their debut performance - one that will leave you warm, full and content.

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