Sounds on The Couch: Anna Vince


7:30 pmWednesday, 7 October 2020

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Introducing Anna Vince.. joining us this coming Wednesday for her very own LIVE pop-up show.. all the way from Germany!

7.30pm AEST at

Anna Vince is a singer-songwriter, originally from Warsaw in Poland, living in Germany at the Lake Of Constance.

Her whole life has been accompanied by the music all around her.

Her father plays the guitar and every instrument he gets into his hands - just by feeling how it works.

Her brother always sang and rapped for her.

From her earliest childhood days on, she sang in choirs, had singing lessons and fell into her own songwriting world, when she had to handle situations in life.

Over the years she tried out to sing in different regional bands but always felt like she need to go her own way, singing her originals.

She bought a guitar, learned to play it and developed her songwriting skills.

Anna feels like thriving as a singer-songwriter, finding out how she wants to sound and who she wants to be.

Since she is playing the guitar, she is writing songs almost every day.

In 2018 she started to record her originals at a studio of a friend at The Lake Of Constance and to get some songs produced by an English recording studio.

At the same time she is working out to write songs on behalf of others.

Anna's debut single "Blue“ was released on August 28th. It is about the feels she is in when writing songs.

An EP release will be following shortly.