SOLUNE's 'Mad Vantage' PROJECT LAUNCH feat: Malla //Don Glori (DJ) and Slam Ross.


7:00 pmThursday, 15 July 2021



229 Queensberry St, Carlton

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Prepare yourself for a hot 'n' heavy evening courtesy of Slam Ross 1000 + support from local legends.

Enter the realm of never-ending peaks and pounding kicks. Prepare to be turned on and taken out by Slam Ross 1000, with ever sensual support from Kaytseng, Yollks and Call Connect as well as BPS residents snugglepuss, Chromator and Body Confidence.

SOLUNE launches her prog-metal/nu-jazz project 'Mad Vantage', with support from Malla and Don Glori as DJ.

'Mad Vantage' is an epic new project presented by SOLUNE (Selene Messinis) which fuses prog-metal with nu-jazz and electronics. Her compositions are fuelled by complex rhythmic ideas and lush harmonic soundscapes and draw comparisons to Animals as Leaders, Hiromi and Plini. Featuring some of the best musicians Melbourne has to offer: guitarist Kumar Shome (Sampa the Great), bassist Matt Hayes (30/70) and drummer Tim Cox (Woodes/Don Glori), SOLUNE's style is unapologetically her own and she is here with a dynamic set of music that will not disappoint.

Malla are a nu-jazz collective that fuse boom-bap beats, jazz harmony and chaotic soundscapes. Their music intertwines each individuals voice to create a liquid sound breaching styles of house, future-jazz and drum and bass. Their energetic live performance will transfix and transcend those around them into a sonorous dreamland.

Don Glori's carefully considered compositions that facilitate heavy doses of improvisation, his music reflects a deep fascination in jazz, house and Brazilian music. Tied together by his inimitable spirit and dedication to making it groove.

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    229 Queensberry St, Carlton