Smoke Stack Rhino [single launch] w/ Southbound Snake Charmers, Jack Harlon and The Dead Crows


8:00 pmFriday, 11 February 2022


The new Cherry Bar

68 Little Collins St, Melbourne

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Smoke Stack Rhino single launch w/ Southbound Snake Charmers, Jack Harlon and The Dead Crows

“The vibe is old-school. Think blues-rock and add a dash of psychedelic.

It’s groovy, it’s of the earth, it’s authentic.

With a band-name that’s one heavy animal away from the legendary vamp ‘Smokestack Lightning’, this trio from the Yarra Valley in Australia might have formed around their love of the blues but are actively pushing into new territory.

They’ve been at it for a while. Singer-guitarist Ash and drummer Jem started playing in high school, while bass player Shane helped form the band in 2013. Like a rhino, they mostly avoid built-up areas, and generally ‘stick to the sticks’. Further explanation? Anywhere near trees, water or beer.

In the spirit of a good old Bunnings BBQ, they’re proudly D-I-Y, releasing music under their own label JAMALAMA and designing everything from art to Pink Floyd-esque light shows. Live, it’s good vibes and feel-good fun. They’ve played over 20 festivals, toured Australia over 10 times and been praised on community radio and triple J’s Roots N All.

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