Smith & Jones, Great Aunt, THE BAND WHO KNEW TOO MUCH!


8:00 pmFriday, 22 March 2019


Open Studio

204 High Street, Northcote 3070

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Smith & Jones return to Open Studio on March 22nd with their highly anticipated second album in tow, 'Something Worth Learning,.' Their live shows explore the depths of loss and longing, friendship, and heartbreak, all delivered with the joy and charm that audiences have come to expect from Smith & Jones.   Great Aunt is an Americana/roots duo from Melbourne, Australia, rambling a musical line between the plaintive and the joyous.

THE BAND WHO KNEW TOO MUCH! Exciting Australian songs propelled by energetic jazz-like woodchop rhythm! Add some strong local lyric, with gang vocal delivery and their unique sound is complete.   The Band Who Knew Too Much are a bona-fide foolproof FLOOR-packing band. For over a decade they have branded their sound around the world; a highly energetic ACT that is at home singing on the festival stage, busking unplugged on the city streets, or anything inbetween!

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