Small Island Big Song feat: Gasikara, Mau Power, Airileke, Naka wara wara to’o, Charles Maimarosia, Alie Sike and more...


7:00 pmTuesday, 25 June 2019


Melbourne Theatre Company - Southbank Theatre

140 Southbank Boulevard, Southbank VIC 3006

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Small Island Big Song, a remarkable album, concert series and film project uniting over one hundred first nation musicians spanning the vastness of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, from Madagascar to Rapa Nui/Easter Island, from Taiwan to the Torres Strait and beyond. The album launches in Australia on 25 June with a performance at Sydney’s Palace Verona on 27 June in advance of a European tour. Earlier this month it was announced as the winner of the UK’s 2019 Songlines Music Award for Best Asia Pacific Album.

Recorded in nature and filmed over three years across sixteen island nations, Small Island Big Song brings together artists of a shared ancient seafaring ancestry, creating a contemporary and relevant epic musical statement of a region in the frontline of cultural and environmental challenges. The album was composed, recorded and overdubbed in nature, on the artists' custodial land.

Small Island Big Song is inspired and informed by music producer (and ex Circus Oz Musical director) Tim Cole’s 30 years of cross cultural work with Indigenous Australian and Pacific island communities. Tim and project producer BaoBao Chen (Taiwan) invited respected cultural voices across the Indo-Pacific region to join the Small island Big Song project. Tim received a Churchill Foundation funding to research the connection of the islands of Pacific & Indian Oceans (including Torres Strait islands) through the common seafaring history and when the musicians came together on tour, they discovered common words, instruments and more!

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