Sky Voltage, Ha Na, Maria Moles, Ysk


9:00 pmSaturday, 26 October 2019


Penny's Bandroom

420 Sydney Road, Brunswick

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Sky Voltage repertoire is composed by Ysk. This was the project, where Ysk was inspired by the story of Jimi Hendrix being inspired by Bod Dylan, uplifted in realisation of a thought that went something along the lines of hey, if that guy is allowed to sing, I can sing too.

Desperately trying to pleasantly shock his audiences through creative compositions and shredding numerous guitar solos, Ysk has been leading various iterations of the ensemble since 2017.

Songs of Sky Voltage are sung in three languages so far, namely Japanese, English and Portuguese. These songs are written and performed in attempt to provide what may superficially seem to be of calm states of wonder with burning and quaking qualities beneath. For tragedies, disasters, beauty and humanistic teachings can compel oneself spontaneously and/or decades later without immediate realisations of their true nature and effects.

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