SixFtHick (QLD), Topnovil (NSW), Cull (SA) & more (all day & night)


2:00 pmSaturday, 15 May 2021



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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SixFtHick (QLD)

Topnovil (NSW)

Cull (SA)

Operation Ibis (NSW)

Anty (QLD)

K-mart Warriors


Udder Ubductees

Dirty Harriet & The Hangmen

Admiral Ackbar's Dishonorable Discharge

Bastard North

Shadow League

Shane and the Dog C#nts


Side Splitter


DJ Dan Attard


For a quarter of a century Brisbane’s SixFtHick have been squirming on the tiles of some of this planets finest Toilettes du Rock in a never ending hygiene quest. So heads up germ-a-phobes. Put away that disinfectant because the cleaners are coming to the Gaso, Saturday 15th May to wipe the floor with YOU!

Make the choice if you choose to choose and secure your square of turf because it’s time to start gleaming the cubicle.


Topnovil are a four piece punk rock n' roll band that have been ripping up stages around the globe for over 20 years. The boys never give anything less than 100% and their on stage chemistry makes for an intense, high energy show. Not just another Oi! band, the bass driven rhythm and guitar hooks in every tune, paired with the powerful lyrics, creates sound- infectious tunes you'll find hard to forget.

Cull – The Band

Formed in 2019 and featuring members of long-running punk legends Bloodsucking Freaks, Exploding White Mice and Perdition, Cull the band play savage garage punk rawk n rawk the way it’s meant to be played. Their live show is unapologetically, loud, fast, in-your-face, but most importantly it’s not to be missed.

Operation Ibis

Hailing from the bins of Sydney’s Inner West. Operation Ibis, are ska punk Party Birds that are always a welcome edition to every gig they play. Within the first three years since their formation they have played over 120 shows and built a reputation for a high energy, fast paced stage performance that gets all folks on their feet and onto the dance floor. With their "DIY till we die" ethos they revel in playing the unconventional shows, whether it be down an alley way, in a dive bar or a punx picnic brings out the best in them. Honk Honk.


(some random in the crowd)

"I usually don’t like ska …buuuut, youz are pretty good”


Anty - I don’t have a bio and I’m so smashed right now – Horgan

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