Sibyl, Oscar LaDell


7:00 pmThursday, 8 December 2022


Drunken Poet

65 Peel St, West Melbourne

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Sibyl is an alternative folk band based in Naarm (Melbourne). With colourful harmonies and soft-psychedelic rhythms, Sibyl offers music that is founded in long-term friendship and reflection.

Telling personal stories of growth and growing up, together we go sentimentally. Sibyl includes Lydia Grant (voice, guitar, piano), Maisie Pearle (voice, accordion), Chloe Morgan (voice, guitar), and Anita Agathangelou (voice, drums).


Oscar LaDell, 23, was born in the US and raised in Purakaunui, Dunedin. A second-generation musician, Oscar started out playing standards in bars around Dunedin, featuring songs by Muddy Waters, BB King and Guitar Slim. Over the years, funk, rock, soul, R&B and more have found their way into Oscar’s music.

In the space of one of LaDell’s original songs, the sound can range from a gentle slow dance to explosive and hypnotic guitar solos. Oscar’s powerful and expressive guitar playing and soulful singing act as one to create a sound that is both reminiscent of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and fresh.

Oscar is now based in Melbourne, Australia and has many exciting projects and shows slated for the upcoming year.

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