Shredder + Kuntsquad + Distortion + Lill Chii [upstairs] Fenn Wilson + Hollie Joyce [bandroom]


7:00 pmFriday, 15 April 2022



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Evil Friday! A metal event on good friday, full of headbanging goodness of a variety of sorts.

First up we have Lill Chii, a Chinese folk metal band with heavy riffs, traditional instruments, clean and heavy vocals. Basically the Hu but heavier, more aggressive and with some nice calm gentle parts in between.

Next up is Distortion, a heavy 3 piece metal band that make angry songs taking influence from a range of bands across the subgenres from iron maiden to infant annihilator.

Then there is kuntsquad who describe themselves as Dirty thrash death punk cunce. A squad of funny kunts with a sense of humor who make heavy songs. Not to be missed.

And finally there will be Shredder. Thrashing mad metal with a splash of death metal that fans go wild for.

While we may not have any sharks with frikin' laser beams or a "death star", we do have a lineup of some awesome bands for you to headbang, share drinks and have a great night along with.


Fenn Wilson and his full band are heading to The Tote on Friday 23rd July with support from one of his fav artists Hollie Joyce.  Following the sold out launch of his new track “Love Again”  Fenn will be playing his dark and richly textured new single, tunes from his 2019 album Ghost Heroin, and new tracks with the odd signature cover song thrown in.        

Combining her trademark fervent lyrics with distorted and at times eerie tones, Hollie Joyce has established a compelling sound that doesn’t hold back. With influences drawing as much from the works of Howlin’ Wolf, Buddy Holly, Patti Smith, Nirvana and Bob Dylan as she does from 70’s horror flicks and spaghetti westerns. The result is a dynamic performance never to be forgotten.

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