Shoelace Sessions: Rory - Live Stream


7:00 pmFriday, 4 September 2020

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From lockdown in Melbourne, The Shoelace Sessions presents a series of live instagram takeovers from some of your favourite artists.

These takeovers will host intimate and unique live performances broadcasted directly to you, where ever you are in the world.

This Friday's artist is the stunning RORY.

Weaving through the motifs of obsessive adoration, frivolous spending and mental illness, Melbourne based singer/songwriter Rory paints with bright colours on a dark canvas, showing us that even the most bleak situations aren’t without a silver lining. Despite being a fresh face on the scene, the past 2 months have seen Rory support many of Melbourne’s best folk/pop acts including Chitra, Merpire and Didirri.

Rory’s debut single ‘Old Friends’ is a tantalising voyage into depression and vulnerability, it explores how these constructs always find their way back to a troubled mind and how they can manifest themselves in the form a Old Friend. His vocals waver between the delicate and intimate to urgent, dramatic wails, both of which resound with deep anguish. Rory’s vocals are accompanied by haunting string arrangements, beautiful yet stirring harmonies and a reverberant, water damaged parlour style piano, all set to a waltzing rhythmic tremolo-ridden guitar that creeps in intensity.