SHIN + Simonetti + Sophie Forrest + Stoke City DJ + Lemon Tart + Lips Service + SMB8


7:00 pmSaturday, 4 December 2021



401 Swanston street city

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Kamp Kamp is a queer collective built around dance music, who together with Melbourne Music Week will create a eclectic evening where open minded people can come together to create, play and enjoy.

Let your head drift off into the clouds as your body is engulfed by the energy of the dancefloor. The beats will be big, the consensual hugs strong and the new connections will be meaningful.

Come as yourself, turn a look, express yourself, make someone else’s night memorable and be respectful. Together we will strive to build a space that is safe, diverse and inclusive.

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    401 Swanston street city