Shannon Bourne, Gareth Skinner


7:00 pmThursday, 28 November 2019


Brunswick Ballroom

314 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056

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Shannon Bourne is a critically-acclaimed blues-and-roots-founded guitarist, singer and songwriter with a strong following of discerning fans and the power to sway audiences with the naked emotion and sheer virtuosic power of his soul-searing performances.

Shannon’s song-writing influences — Richard Thompson, Beck, Matt Walker and Scott Walker — take the Shannon Bourne Band sound from bluesy, hard-edged, riff-laden rock to guitar-based sonically exploratory progressive and post rock, while remaining strongly accessible to audiences. And always there is extreme emotional honesty, the baring of a soul that knows darkness, and a musical sweetness and delicacy also.

As a master guitarist and slide-guitarist with a distinctive and unique guitar voice, Shannon ranks among Australia’s very finest players, a peer to the likes of Geoff Achison and Jeff Lang — with both of whom he often shares a stage — and few others. His influences — Gary Moore, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Roy Buchanan, among others — are evident in his playing, and his extraordinary performances genuinely permit his inclusion in the same sentence as such legends; but Shannon has a sound all his own, making him a musician’s musician as well as one loved by audiences, and fuelling the strong demand for his services as guest sideman and session musician.

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