Shannon Bourne (arvo) DJ Tropical Breeze (evening)


5:00 pmSaturday, 17 August 2019


Edinburgh Castle Hotel

681 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

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Shannon Bourne is a critically-acclaimed blues-and-roots-founded guitarist, singer and songwriter with a strong following of discerning fans and the power to sway audiences with the naked emotion and sheer virtuosic power of his soul-searing performances. From his almost 20 year career as Chris Wilson's guitarist of choice to co-writing and playing on Russell Morris' ARIA award winning blues trilogy to releasing 4 of his own critically acclaimed albums, Shannon has learnt and worked with the best.


Dj Tropical Breeze plays breezy disco, boogie, yacht rock and exotic house - "laid back, familiar, comfortable island music."

DJ Tropical Breeze started out in the late 1990s playing techno to drunk salarymen in a tiny after work bar in Tokyo called Nothing. In the 2000s, he played classical records in London for Gabriel Prokofiev’s Nonclassical label, worked with Tony Conrad and Islaja and presented "Dead and Alive" weekly on Resonance FM. Nowadays he is sometimes on Melbourne Triple R FM, presenting programs like Pattern Repeat and Soft Option and specials on folk like Haruomi Hosono, Dean Martin and Vektroid.

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