Sesame Girl ‘Boys’ Tour with special guests [upstairs] Tricky Mac, Benny T & Daddy K with special guests [bandroom]


8:00 pmSaturday, 27 May



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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'BOYS' Will be the first track off our latest EP that we recorded with Fletcher Matthews. We are all so proud of this record and feel like it represents us and how've grown in the short time we've been a band. We can't wait to get all these songs out to the world and think this is the perfect way to kick it off!

Our song ‘Boys’ is about the experience of being made to feel lesser for not being interested in someone. Being told ‘oh you’re ugly anyway or you’re a bitch’ but all you said was no. In the end it’s just like a big fuck you to anyone who doesn’t value your worth and can’t see you as more than a sex object.


Following an unprecedented, earth shattering return at Revs, Benny T and Tricky Mac are once again best friends! To celebrate, the boys will be joining Daddy K and ORSi on stage to perform together for the first time in almost 5 years! Get down to the Gaso on Saturday, May 27th to witness the boys playing a mix of new bangers off the latest release ‘Still Cooking It: Legends Never Die’ as well as all your favourite classics AND the entire ‘Death of Benny T’ EP from start to finish in what promises to be a cinematic masterpiece! This will be massive. This will be huge. Don’t miss it coz if you do you’ll end up with a big fat bag of regrettamine! Never forket: Legends Never Die.

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