Sammy Owen Blues Band (arvo) Tek Tek Ensemble (pm)



3:00 pmSaturday, 21 March 2020


Esplanade Hotel

11 The Esplanade, St Kilda

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He comes on givin’ lip like your younger brother after a night on the turps. He's all cheek and twists and a wry smile to keep you fooled. Then he launches into some of the best driving blues you'll hear in yonks. Sammy Owen - he jumps and jives like a young George Thorogood, with guitar influences like Buddy Guy and Albert King… he shreds that thing. Tounge in cheek lyrics and a fresh approach to original blues songs, which featured on the debut release “real people, real stories”.


TEK TEK perform virtuosic and original music inspired by tropical jungles, late night discos, 1960s chic, and shamanistic desert rituals. TEK TEK Ensemble formed in 2010 and have performed countless times around Australia and the world including Jakarta, The Pilbara, Berlin, New Caledonia, Bangkok and Paris. The band has is roots in the wildness of late-night Melbourne pub music with the sophistication of jazz and classical performance and the danceability of tropical rhythms and hard-partying disco beats.

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