Sam Agostino, Fred Astereo, Rhys [of Rhysics/Scraggers] (arvo) Glomesh "Factory Heart" Launch w/Eat-Man, Honeybone & Shove (evening)


3:00 pmSaturday, 19 October 2019


Bar Open

317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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Sam Agostino of Digger & The Pussycats/BRAT FARRAR/Pete Sampras- this was meant to be a full Digger show but apparently Andy’s still locked in the boot of Dustin Martins car at the MCG! So that’s kind of out a dampener on that... it doesn’t matter though because we will be getting all the classics plus heaps more!

Fred Astereo of Fred Astereo- Loves Messed Up Troubadour is returning for his first show in almost 4 years. If you’ve ever been at the pub after hours with Drunk Leanne you will know Fred Astereo and his poptastic fuelled ballads of heart break! Prepare for the best!

Rhys of Rhysics/Scraggers & About 1000 Other Bands- Rhys is a beloved part of the Last Chance! It’s always going to be a good day when he plugs in for a show! Who knows what he’s going to play! But you know it’s going to be exactly what you need! Hopefully he’ll play Bin Juice because Leanne sings it every time she puts the bins out!


Although Glomesh are more than happy putting their feet up and drinking a cheeky rosé, we've been incredibly busy over the last six months! Shows with Screaming Females, Spiral Stairs, Bench Press, Outright and Shepparton Airplane have been a hell of a lot of fun. As it turns out, we've also been recording a self-produced single (with help and guidance from Richard Bowers - Horror My Friend/Magic Bones) which is due to be released mid October. We've brought some of our favourite humans along for the ride:

Eat-Man: This band is just everything that is great about the Melbourne music scene in 2019. Brash, bratty, raucous, catchy as hell, and always dressed AMAZINGLY. I hear they've already discussed outfits. ♥

Honeybone: A band who loves doggos as much as we do. It also helps that their music is fantastic. Garage rock with huge drums, and a side serving of bluesy psych-rock. Dunedin's loss is Melbourne's gain. xo

Shove: These young upstarts will be playing their first pub show. Features some of the artists formerly known as Shit Sex. Geez we miss that band. But we've heard demos of Shove and they're gonna blow your freakin' socks off.

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