Saint Jude / Owls / Emma Heeney


8:00 pm-11:45 pmFriday, 30 August 2019


Brunswick Ballroom

314 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056

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Lets start by quoting avant-garde experimental guitarist Sonny Sharrock: “Once upon a time”.. Saint Jude were but 6 musicians hammering soulful songs on the sweet rock machine of Melbourne’s stages..until..Like the expanded corona of a swollen star, their sound yielded to cosmic forces, nameless in human science, that led their hands and throats to articulate a new lifeform, a hitherto unknown being, barely recognisable to even their own straining minds. This empyrean music has found its earthly avatar in guitar, drum and synthesizer, in the clarion call of voices raised together.

Saint Jude’s (physical, shall we say) path has crossed many times with Sean McMahon on the sweaty, sticky stages of Melbourne bars where he coaxed sweet and ragged rock’n’roll and folk songs from acoustic and electric guitars from a bygone era. On his new LP, 'You Will Know When You're There', he has distilled his influences into an exceptional selection of songs that are full of life and straight from the heart.
From the stark confession of the album’s openers ‘One Foot Out The Door’ and ‘Angel At Your Back’s reflections of ‘Waiting For My Man’, to the sheer intimacy of ‘Outsider Blues’ or ‘Just For An Hour’, he brings a quiet yet commanding authority, and with his beloved Owls beside him, each and every song is delivered in a way that’s wholly believable and moving.

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