Saffron Connection


7:30 pmThursday, 21 January 2021


Open Studio

204 High Street, Northcote 3070

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Both Corey and Sarita draw on their deep cultural roots, interweaving folk, classical with their own unique musical expression.

Sarita is a Classical Indian Sitar player and follows in the footsteps of her father with his extensive performance of Rajastani and Malwa folk music.

Corey Romeo plays mandolin/guitar in styles from Irish, Breton, Balkan, Italian traditions, inspired by Melbourne's cultural/musical melting pot.

Rosco Heck is an accomplished percussionist who is well versed in many styles, including South Indian, Balkan, Greek, Turkish and Arabic Percussion.

These seemingly separate traditions have ancient connections and surprisingly modern connections.

The more recent connections being the influence influence of Bollywood musicals, the influence of the Gypsies, who originate in Rajastan and further the modes, maqams, ragas, rhythms and talas have commonalities that like foods and spices show that there has been a long connection between these places.

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