Saddle Club feat: Your Girl Pho, Kineticar, Sam Witwicky, DJ self esteem, undercling [upstairs] DOLE MANCHILD! (BANDAVERSARY + SINGLE LAUNCH) W/ GRAZER & BAYONET [bandroom]


7:30 pmSaturday, 10 September 2022



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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Super fun, silly, sick as party on the giddy up. Get your saddle on coz it's gonna be a ride, yeehaw!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOLE MANCHILD! September 10th marks the exact year that Dole Manchild has come into fruition. In that time, we've conquered Rage, PBS and the entire underground scene as well as launched 2 EPS and four music videos. And now we're going to launch our newest most realised song & another track off the upcoming 3rd EP War on Dole! Come for cake, stupid costumes, cheap laughs and that particular breed of rowdy that you just can't get anywhere else. All our other shows sold out so come send it for the next big thing in the music scene. Cheaper pre-sale than door! Joining Dole is shoegaze Extraordinaires Grazer and northside Supergroup BAYONET which features members of Dr Sure, Picket Palace and more!

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